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An airport hotel with superior convenience.Chubu Centrair International Airport Centrair Hotel

Free Wi-Fi access available

Bring your wireless-enabled computer, smartphone or tablet, and you can connect them via Wi-Fi access point.

Internet accessible areas

  • ・Guestrooms on 2F - 12F
  • ・3F Front Lobby





All guestrooms have free Wi-Fi.

Guestroom amenities and services

Guestroom amenities Refrigerator (always empty, storage allowed), hair dryer, water kettle, magnifying glass, desk, desk light, night tray, LAN (100 Mbps optical wired connection), wide-sized bed, down blanket, pillow (hard and soft), washlet, telephone, flat panel TV, state-of-the-art guestroom ventilation system
Amenities Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hand soap, toothbrush, razor, cotton swabs, folding hairbrush, tissue paper, hand towel, facial towel, bath mat, nightwear, slippers
Optional services Massage, courier service, FAX service
Building facilities Restaurant

Check-in / Check-out

  • Check-in15:00
  • Check-out10:00

Hotel Overview

Credit cards accepted AMERICAN EXPRESS, Diners Club, JCB, MUFG, SAISON, Cedyna, TS3, AEON, UCS, UnionPay, VISA, MasterCard
Note If you have tobacco allergies, please select non-smoking rooms at the time of reservation. When requesting for non-smoking rooms, we may only be able to provide with deodorized smoking rooms. Thank you for your understanding.
Cancellation policy Cancellation fees are as follows.
On the day of reservation after 12PM: 80% of reservation rate
Day before of reservation after 12PM: 20% of reservation rate




Hotel 3F


Located by the hotel front lobby, this cafe & restaurant has an atrium and large windows, filling it with abundant lighting. Enjoy a relaxing experience with our fine cuisine.

Business hours
6:00-10:00(Last order 9:30)
11:00-14:00(Last order 13:00)
Seating capacity
106 seats


Breakfast buffet

Breakfast buffet

Children (Ages 4-12)
Preschoolers (Ages 4-5)

Lunch buffet

Lunch buffet

Seniors (Over 65)
Children (Ages 6-12)
Preschoolers (Ages 4-5)

Cafe & Bar

Hotel Plaza


Hotel guests will receive a 10% discount for food and drink by showing your room card key.

Business hours
7:00-23:00(Last order 22:30)




Directly connected to the airport terminal, the Centrair Hotel is only 100 m from the ticket gates of the Central Japan International Airport Station and 130 m from the check-in counters, all connected via a handicap-accessible passageway.

Chubu Centrair International Airport, Centrair Hotel

1-1 Centrair, Tokoname, Aichi 479-0881


Access to hotel

Access to hotel

Access guide

Accessibility from the Centrair parking building

Please go from Floor R (roof level, 4F) of the parking building to the passenger terminal entrance and Access Plaza. On the side, you will find the connecting passageway to the hotel.

Access from the Central Japan International Airport Station

Exit the ticket gates and you will see a convenience store in front of you. On the right hand side is the connecting passageway to the hotel.

Access from the Centrair arrival lobby

At the arrival lobby, you will see a signboard with arrows with "Access Plaza" written on it. Please follow the directions and you will find the connecting passageway to the hotel on your right hand side.

Access from bus station and taxi stand

Exit the bus station and/or taxi stand and go up to the second floor of the terminal building. You will find yourself at the arrival lobby. Find the signboard with the words "Access Plaza" written on it. You will find the connecting passageway to the hotel on your right hand side.

Centrair Hotel